Zlín Design Week

The organisers of the Zlín Design Week have invited us to present Anathema in this year’s event. On May 9 we will be talking about the process of design research for Anathema, in particular, about it informed inclusive design. Later the same day we will be holding a workshop for attendants to try out the methods we developed in the design research process.

Banner of the Zlín design week website showing colourful stones and text about the conference and dates.

User experience testing

Longitudinal UX testing of the Anathema app has begun. For circa one week, participants over 55 years of age in Portugal and in the Netherlands will be interacting with app at their own pace.

Participants’ feedback will allow the consortium to understand whether the app is useful and easy to use, as well as which are the most important aspects to improve before the pilot studies kick-off in early January.

New MSc student

Diogo Coutinho successfully defended his MSc thesis in Service Engineering and Management at the University of Porto with a high grade.

Diogo contributed to Anathema by helping to understand how to appropriately conduct user research around stigmatising topics and with vulnerable populations. Furthermore, the work also helped identify relevant aspects for the delivery of Anathema as a service, i.e. Awareness and Channels, Consideration ad Conversion.

Best Poster Award!

Anathema participated in the 11th Scientific Meeting of the International Society for Research on Internet Interventions (ISRII) with a communication about the findings from the first online survey launched in the Netherlands.

The communication entitled “Older adults’ acceptability of smartphone-based sexual health promotion programs” received a best poster award. You can read the poster in the image below.

Poster with a dark background containing text and graphs.

GA meeting in Utrecht

KBO hosted Anathema’s latest General Assembly meeting in the beautiful city of Utrecht.

During the two-day meeting, on September 1-2, we looked at our project’s health and used the time for hands-on work around details to improve in the mobile app, details of the pilot studies which will be starting later this year and all the important aspects of the business and exploitation plans. We advanced quite a lot and have many actions outlined for the next months.

Five people posing to the camera next to a large screen showing faces in online chat

Conferences in September

Anathema will be presented in two important venues.

On September 19-21, we will be in Pittsburgh, USA, to take part in the 11th Scientific Meeting of the International Society for Research on Internet Interventions (ISRII) showcasing Anathema’s app in a live demonstration, as well as presenting a poster entitled ‘Older adults’ acceptability of a smartphone-based sexual health promotion programe’ about the result of an online questionnaire to 1.119 older adults in the Netherlands.

On September 22-23, we head to London, UK, to take part in Include 2022, a renowned conference about Inclusive Design. Here we will present the paper ‘Towards the inclusive design of a digital sexual health promotion programme’ in which we describe the user research process followed by the team to date and recommendations for Anathema’s app behaviour.

Workshops in Portugal

Our student, Diogo Moutinho, is holding workshops with Portuguese older adults from COLABORAR to explore functionalities of Anathema, as well as customer journey aspects. These will help to inform the customer service. With the workshops, Diogo is also testing how to address taboo topics in older adult groups.


A new initiative by ILGA Portugal and FOXLife, the ABCLGBTQIA+ Project, is bringing the definition of 37 terms close to as many people as possible, so that all can be informed about aspects such as gender expression, polyamory, outing, legal sex, gender affirmation, etc.

The content is so far available in Europea portuguese and in English. You can see all the definitions here: https://abclgbtqia.com/en/home/

Podcast on digital technology and psychology

Cristina Mendes Santos, Co-PI of project Anathema and a senior researcher at Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS, participated in a podcast by the Portuguese association of Psychologists.

Cristina described project Anathema and provided examples of how digital technology can assist psychologists and patients.

You can listed to it using this link (Portuguese only): https://anchor.fm/istoepsicologia/episodes/Ep-20—Os-meios-digitais-ao-servio-da-Psicologia-e1haopb