Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS


Fraunhofer Portugal is an R&D organisation focused on industry support through research- and technology-based innovation, especially in the healthcare sector.

Its research centre for Assistive Communication and Information Solutions (AICOS) has a strong track record of co-designing technologies to support health condition monitoring and self-care of older people living with chronic conditions. Its main research areas are Human-Centred Design, Artificial Intelligence, and Cyber-Physical Systems.



Part of SEXLAB’s international network of eleven laboratories, the Human Sexuality Research Group of the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences of the University of Porto (FPCEUP) established a research laboratory in human sexuality (SexLab) unique in Portugal.

The group conduct studies to understand, prevent, and treat sexual problems, but also to promote sexual health in general by focusing on themes associated with sexual dysfunctions, sexual risk behaviours, compulsivity, and sexual assault, and also with dimensions related to sexual response, sexual satisfaction, and well-being determination.


Mental Health

Instahelp, specialized in digital mental health solutions, was founded on a vision to improve mental health by providing simple access to professional care.

The company gained profound knowledge of mental health, working with a network of 120 psychologists. Online counselling affords easy and low-threshold access to professional help, available anytime & anywhere, on any device, via text, audio or video chat. The company was awarded Austria’s Startup of the Year 2019 by the Austrian Federal Minister and is active in five European countries (AT, DE, CH, FR and UK).


Oncology Hospital

IPO-Porto is the largest specialized cancer institution in Portugal, and a reference in Europe, with a triple role of patient care, research and Oncology education.

Patients’ care is strongly rooted in research and, as a research centre, its mission is to promote translational scientific activity in Oncology. To this project, IPO-Porto brings experts in Nursing Oncology, Medical Oncology, and Oncological surgery.


Interaction Design

Gathering a multidisciplinary team of digital product experts focused on branding, UI/UX design, mobile and web development, SPRIGS helps create insightful interaction designs and strong visuals to build high-performance applications.

It stands for clear, logical and consistent products, which provide the best user-friendliness. Working together with start-ups, design agencies, and international companies, SPRIGS operate from three locations, with a fourteen people team that only works with a few customers at a time.


Senior Organization

With more than 250k members, KBO-PCOB is the biggest senior organization in The Netherlands.

Empowering senior citizens stands for a society where they can fully participate and look after each other, advocating themes as independent living, safety, digitization, purchasing power and meaning of life. Via KBO-PCOB, thousands of volunteers commit as elderly advisors, tax consultants, security advisors or tablet coaches. As an active member of AGE Platform Europe, a 165 organizations network of and for people aged 50+, KBO-PCOB also participated for over ten years in AAL projects representing seniors in technological innovations.

Europacolon Portugal

Patient Association

Integrating the Europacolon Pan-European network, Europacolon Portugal is a private non-profit organization.

It contributes to decreasing mortality from digestive cancer, supporting patients and their families, and increasing overall survival and quality of life. Despite engaging in awareness and disease prevention campaigns, Europacolon offers psychology and nutrition consultations, social, legal and home-care support, and complementary therapies services.